Los Angeles Business Journal

NFL Owners Undecided

The 32 team owners who came together this week for NFL meetings in New York seem to be at a stalemate regarding whether to back a football stadium in Inglewood, which would house the Rams, or one in Carson, which would be a shared stadium for the Chargers and Raiders, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. It appears owners are more divided than ever. The league may vote in January.

UTi Worldwide to Be Sold

Denmark’s DSV Group, a transport and logistics company, announced Friday it has agreed to buy Long Beach logistics firm UTi Worldwide Inc. for $1.35 billion, the New York Times reports. Shareholders stand to get a 50 percent premium.

Oil Well Monitoring is ‘Inconsistent’

A new state audit shows that there has been lax oversight of oil wells in the Los Angeles region, which bolsters environmentalists’ contention of possible health risks in nearby neighborhoods, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Bullet Train Needs Funding

Construction and engineering firms around the world have expressed interest in California's $68-billion bullet train project, but not many are willing to put up any money, the Los Angeles Times reports. Of course, one deterrent is that their payback prospects appear murky.

Move Over McDonald’s

LeBron James, long known as a spokesperson for McDonald’s, has ditched the chain so he can sign on with Pasadena’s Blaze Pizza, a company that the basketball great owns at least 10 percent of, Los Angeles Magazine reports. Blaze was started by Rick and Elise Wetzel of Wetzel’s Pretzels fame.

Stocks Up

The Dow Jones industrial average was up 50 points in early trading Friday to 17,101. The S&P 500 was up six points to 2,019. The Nasdaq was up 14 points to 4,825. The LABJ Stock Index was up one point to 227.

Fair Pay Act May Hit Studios

The Fair Pay Act that Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Tuesday may have a big impact on Hollywood studios since female stars are routinely paid less than their male counterparts, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Earthquake Retrofit Bill Advances

A bill that would require nearly 14,000 apartments citywide to be made earthquake resistant was unanimously approved Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council's housing committee, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. The legislation is scheduled to go before the City Council Friday. What’s unclear is who’s going to pay for all that.

Betting on Ryan Kavanaugh?

It remains to be seen whether Ryan Kavanaugh can successfully engineer a reboot of financially embattled Relativity Media with the help of friends, including supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, Variety reports.

Leaving Las Vegas

L.A. nightclub, restaurant and hotel owner Sam Nazarian is letting go of his dream of running a Las Vegas casino by selling off his stake in the $800-million-dollar SLS Las Vegas, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Morbid Memories

Downtown’s Cecil Hotel is becoming a tourist mecca, thanks to the fact one of its recent tragedies helped inspire the new season of TV’s “American Horror Story,” Curbed reports.

Stocks Down

The Dow Jones industrial average was down 23 points in early trading Thursday to 16,890. The S&P 500 was down five points to 1991. The Nasdaq was down 21 points to 4,770. The LABJ Stock Index was down one point to 223.

Taking Aim at Gender Gap

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Tuesday to get rid of the statewide pay gap between men and women. Some are referring to it as the strongest equal pay law in the country, the Los Angeles Times reports. But already others are saying it will create an expensive legal quagmire for businesses, encouraging them to hire fewer people or move out of state, the Washington Times reports.

Still Made in America?

Now that downtown L.A. apparel maker American Apparel Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, some analysts are saying the company may have to move out of the country to survive, the Los Angeles Times reports. However, the company plans to keep its manufacturing local.

Bringing the NFL Back to L.A.

As the National Football League's 32 owners convene in New York Wednesday for their fall meeting, the topic will center on the possibility of returning a team to Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times reports. The owners are debating stadium proposals in Inglewood for the St. Louis Rams and Carson for the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders.