Los Angeles Business Journal

Manhattan Beach Closed

As if the Santa Barbara oil spill weren't enough, now Manhattan Beach's coastline is closed to the public as investigators have found an oil-like substance on its shores, the Daily Breeze reports.

The Clean Up

And who's responsible for cleaning up that messy oil spill in Santa Barbara? Houston's Plains All American Pipeline, according to federal authorities who have ordered the company submit a work plan by June 6, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Arrest in DaVinci Fire

An arrest has finally come as a 56-year-old man is now in custody on suspicion of arson in connection with last year's fire that destroyed the seven-story Da Vinci apartment complex downtown, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Is El Nino Coming?

Drought relief may be on the way as scientists say El Nino weather seems to be picking up steam, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Smile, You're on Camera

Staples Center wants to put fans on camera at Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Kings games next season. Fans’ reactions will be captured on 12 robotic cameras as part of a partnership between the arena and San Diego's Fanpics. See the Los Angeles Business Journal's coverage here.

Jenner Fights Back

Bruce Jenner, responding to the wrongful death lawsuit filed against him, says he owes no money to the adult stepchildren of wealthy philanthropist Kim Howe, who was killed in a Malibu crash when Jenner rear-ended her last year, the Los Angeles Times reports.

New Rules for Yard Sales

The Board of Supervisors is cracking down on yard sales, voting that those who live in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County can only have yard sales on the last weekend of every month, the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

Avago to Buy Broadcom

Singapore’s Avago Technologies Ltd. has announced it will buy rival Irvine semiconductor maker Broadcom in a deal worth $37 billion, CNBC reports.

Pataki Enters Presidential Race

As if we needed another entrant, ex-New York Governor George Pataki is expected to throw his hat in the ring to run for the Republican presidential nomination, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Blame the IRS Hack on Russia?

The huge IRS data hack in which thieves stole the tax returns of more than 100,000 people may have stemmed from Russia, according to sources, CNN reports.

Good News for Uber

It's finally a win for Uber in Nevada as the state legislature has voted to allow the ride-sharing service and similar ones to operate there, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Putin Says Butt Out

FIFA's affairs are none of America’s business, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who is accusing the United States of trying to take the 2018 World Cup away from his country after federal authorities arrested FIFA officials on corruption charges, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Obama's Clout on Capitol Hill Tested

A proposal over a trade deal with 12 Pacific Rim nations is testing President Obama's influence on Capitol Hill especially with fellow Democrats who are giving him the most opposition, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Amazon Launches New Service

How about free, same-day delivery from Amazon? Now some Prime members can take advantage of the new service the company is offering as it attempts to one-up the competition in the online delivery wars, CNBC reports.

More Floods Coming

As if the news couldn't get any worse, the death toll is climbing in Texas as more towns brace to face floods, USA Today reports.