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Rate Runoff

Building owners look to tap tenants for water billsDrought concerns open the door for landlords of older buildings to pass bills on to tenants.

By Howard Fine April 27, 2015 midnight   $$ Share

Network Hopes to Take Shorter Series on Long Run

TV: ‘Pines’ format offers Fox lower costs, chance to draw movie talent.

Fox aims to change the small screen’s big picture with limited-run series that cut costs and pull in film stars.

Ad Service Takes Off With Drones

Hoovy founder says customers get lift from hovering banners.

Hoovy founder Eugene Stark sees sky-high opportunities for his company’s banner-bearing drones.

Musical App Gets Seniors Tuned Up

Startup SingFit looks to cue up song-based therapy at centers.

SingFit hopes senior center operators like the sound of its song-based therapy.

Spirit Moves Actress Into Business

Sabrina Machado taps into resurrected faith to create clothing line.

Model and actress Sabrina Machado has been born again as a businesswoman with a Christian clothing line.

Greece Trip Finds Shaq at Road Loss

As the longest tenured photographer working for the National Basketball Association, 57-year-old Andrew Bernstein has seen his share of playoff action.

Regional Report

News and notes from communities across Los Angeles County

Fliptu, a Hollywood developer of social media aggregation tools for brands, has raised $1.2 million in seed funding and has exited from beta phase into full release.

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Geared Up

MANUFACTURING: Exxel Outdoors blazes trail into more rugged, pricey brands with acquisition of American Recreation.

Exxel Outdoors hopes to hike up its gear’s appeal with the acquisition of more rugged, higher-priced lines.

Anonymous Blogger Kicks Sand at Desert Aquifer

WATER: Cadiz’s shares hit by claims that pipeline plan heading for failure.

Anonymous blogger sinks stock of Cadiz on claims its desert aquifer plan is doomed to fail.

Sterling Attorney Made His Case Against Mistress

LAW: Pierce O’Donnell says obscure statute helped Shelly win lawsuit for millions.

Pierce O’Donnell talks netting a big win for former Clippers co-owner Shelly Sterling over Donald’s ex-mistress.

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Household Names Feed Niche for Home Brokers

REAL ESTATE: L.A. fertile field for buyers hungry for famous architects’ projects.

Some agents thrive on servicing wealthy buyers with designs on architecturally significant homes.

Drug Study’s Results Test Investors’ Confidence

BIOTECH: Kite Pharma’s stock slides on rival’s report, but analyst still optimistic.

Shares of drug developer Kite Pharma fall on mixed prognosis from rival’s data.

Suitor Hopes to Provide Support for Bra Maker

FASHION: Authentic Brands Group sees Frederick’s of Hollywood as online vendor.

Suitor looks to retailor struggling Frederick’s of Hollywood for online-only sales.

Shareholders Challenge Board of Garment Firm

CLOTHING: Duo alleges American Apparel wrongly removed Dov Charney.

American Apparel shareholders look to refashion board, claiming Dov Charney was deceptively dumped.

Vegas Casinos Won’t Bet on ‘Salome’ Production

THEATER: Al Pacino plans to move his take on Wilde’s tale to London’s West End.

Acting legend Al Pacino’s plan to launch a lavish stage show in Las Vegas has been dashed.

Banks Pursue Big Payoff in Private Equity Firms

LENDING: Local institutions to challenge national names for piece of growing sector.

Private equity firms have built a reputation of moving fast and doing big, flashy deals that banks can’t – or won’t – do.

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U.S. Surveys Patients to Nurse Hospital Service

SERVICE: None of L.A.’s reviewed facilities achieved top five-star rating.

Five-star ratings are handy when you’re Yelping for a sports bar, a Thai food joint or a nearby manicurist. But one-size-fits-all feedback gets a little more complicated when it comes to ranking health care services, particularly hospitals.

Real Estate Broker Says Ports Losing Little Ground

SHIPPING: Eastern rivals’ rise fails to move supply chain, according to review.

Amid the congestion and labor strife that tied up the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach late last year and early this year, frustrated importers threatened to start moving their overseas’ goods through other ports.


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Investor’s Santa Monica Move a Record Setter

ACQUISITION: Joss Realty pays $1,004 a square foot for creative office property.

Joss Realty Partners, a New York real estate investment firm making its first investment on the West Coast, has entered the market in a big way, buying a Santa Monica office building for the highest price per square foot ever in Los Angeles County.

Pensions Leaving Cities in Holes

Why aren’t potholes filled? Charles Crumpley says maybe because cities are spending too much on pensions.

Making Waves in Drought

California leaders must ditch reactive approach to water shortage in favor of creative thinking on problem.

John T. Boal hopes to plumb the depths of California’s creative tech scenes to find answers to the drought problem.

State Bill Would Blaze Road for Electric Vehicles

Mike Meador endorses AB 1005 as a means to steer the state into a future filled with electric vehicles.

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Future Comes Down to Wire

FINANCE: Startup hopes to spur remittance shops to jump online.

WireCash looks to help remittance shops get a line on the future by translating their business to the Internet.

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Blogging a Case Of Advertising?

LAW: Attorneys’ Internet entries may clash with state bar rules.

Blogging attorneys may be courting trouble with the California State Bar’s advertising rules.