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Lofty Goal

Developer looks to put new museum on displayDeveloper Tom Gilmore looks to reframe downtown’s Old Bank District with a multibuilding museum.

By Cale Ottens February 22, 2016 9:20 a.m.   Share
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Slice of Pie

DINING: Pizza chain Fresh Brothers cuts in investor to feed growth.

Fresh Brothers decides to take dough from Nolan Capital to feed the pizza chain’s expansion.

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Facebook Sending Message to Snapchat

INTERNET: Social media giant vies with upstart for millennials.

Facebook has launched an unfriendly feud by aping the features of social media upstart Snapchat.

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Photographers Focused on Copyright Rights Online

Photographers have expanded their focus to protecting copyrights in the internet age.

Santa Monica Office Rebound

After a midyear lag, Santa Monica’s leasing market is on the rise.

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Spirited Season May Be in Store

Halloween pop-up shops expect presidental race, hit films to lift costume sales.

Halloween pop-up shops expect to scare up healthy returns before they go dark.

Lawyer Raises Bread Bar in Kitchen

Judith Khakshouy taught herself to make challah, a braided egg bread served on the Jewish Sabbath, while studying at Southwestern Law School.

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Comic Con Looks to Ride Capes of Stan Lee, Local Vendors

A Look Ahead: What’s on the agenda for Los Angeles business in the coming week

When an estimated 90,000 attendees descend on the Los Angeles Convention Center for Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con on Oct. 28, they won’t find a host of movie stars ready to unveil clips from the latest superhero blockbusters.

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Powering Up

Swell Energy plugs batteries along with financing packages to homeowners

Swell charges into the home battery market on back of its financial packaging plan.

Solar Company Loses Sizzle Through Expansion

POWER: Verengo files for Chapter 11 after Eastern states’ cooler reception.

Verengo Solar files for bankruptcy after getting burned by an overambitious expansion plan.

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Furniture Maker’s Shares Up After Volatile Run

MANUFACTURING: Nova LifeStyle’s rise follows exec shakeup, China exit.

Furniture maker Nova LifeStyle gains ground on Wall Street after exiting Chinese market.

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Chemical Testing Firm Puts Money on Staffers

BIOTECH: Phenomenex’s CEO to share $12 million from sale of his company.

Chemical testing firm Phenomenex spreads the wealth by sharing $12 million windfall with employees.

Struggling Studio Targets Data to Be in the Know

ENTERTAINMENT: Push by Paramount Pictures part of industry’s turn to analytics.

Paramount Pictures sees a bigger role for analytics in guiding its production decisions.

City Hall Event Elects for Deep Focus on Issues

POLITICS: BallotCon to offer videos, debates on all 17 statewide measures.

While Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con is set to overtake the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday, political junkies will have their own chance to geek out the following day at City Hall.

Deals of the Week: A look at the companies that signed on the dotted line last week

Iconic gym to toe new branding line with foot-shaped shoe

Brand Sense Partners announced an unusual deal last week between its client, fitness chain Gold’s Gym, and footwear company Vibram, known for its FiveFingers brand athletic shoes.


Calendar of events


Upcoming conventions

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Big Apple Firm Has Taste for Downtown Office

ACQUISITION: Tishman Speyer pays $25 million for couple of properties.

The company that owns New York’s Rockefeller Center is making a foray into L.A.’s up-and-coming Arts District.

The Long Game

Fasha Mahjoor stood at the precipice.

Working on Los Angeles

Investment in transit infrastructure would help drive local economy

Measure M could help get L.A. transit moving in the right direction, according to Mary Leslie, Nadine Watt, and Deborah Kallick.

Working on Los Angeles

Educational efforts will help ensure future labor force will make grade

Christian B. Teeter would like to see more work done to train future employees.

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Kobe Bryant’s Partner Courted Controversy

INVESTMENT: Kobe Bryant’s Partner Courted Controversy

A previous firm of Kobe Bryant’s venture capital partner Jeff Stibel netted several lawsuits with its business practices.

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Labels Pursue Video Payback

MUSIC: Recording industry fights YouTube-derived MP3s.

Record labels’ piracy lawsuit could be a tune-up in the fight against converting videos into MP3s.

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Squeeze In

CedarLane puts food packaging under pressure

CedarLane Natural Foods touts its investment in high-pressure processing as a packaging deal.

Real Estate Firm Sold on Retail

Partners Trust opens office to designer showcases with sales donated to charity.

Partners Trust buys into a retail experiment by showcasing designers at its office

Expansion Drive Fills Chef’s Plate

Jon Rollo maps out future of salad-sandwich chain with outposts outside California.

Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop hopes to feed its expansion drive by opening out-of-state outposts.

Stepping Up to Towering Wins

Los Angeles has a new power couple: Brian and Michelle Duff.