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Bridg hopes to serve up old, new customers to eateriesBridg taps a range of customer data to serve up business strategies for restaurants.

By Matt Pressberg May 24, 2015 midnight   Share
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Court to Make Call on On Call

SECURITY: Ruling on guards’ breaks may pinch all industries.

Employers fear a ruling against breaks during which workers remain on call could bust their businesses.

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Babies Nurse Milk Firm’s Growth

HEALTH CARE: Prolacta expects feeding preemies to pump up sales.

Human milk company Prolacta’s expansion plan tied to bottling up more business.

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Aging Workers Key to Future

MANUFACTURING: ACE tapes skills to mold new staff.

ACE Clearwater looks to video to capture skills needed to form its next generation of workers.

Music Class Has It Made With Shades

Instructor says color code helps notes stick better with students.

Conservatory of Performing Arts helps students scale musical notes with a color-coded system.

App Links Daters’ Fate To Stars

Align relies on zodiac to find promising signs of romantic potential.

Users’ zodiac signs star in app Align’s astrology-based approach to match-making.

Sizing Up His Role as Superhero

Just when he thought he had done it all in his Hollywood career, Michael Douglas is doing something new: He’s starring in a Marvel superhero film.

Regional Report

News and notes from communities across Los Angeles County

WWE Studios, the Santa Monica movie production arm of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment Inc., has closed on a $35 million revolving credit facility with Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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Creating Space

DEVELOPMENT: Meta Housing paints new affordable units as artists colony in bid to boost San Pedro district.

Meta Housing gets creative by framing a San Pedro affordable-housing project as an artists colony.

Survey of Doctors Has MannKind Breathing Easy

BIOTECH: Study finds more physicians willing to prescribe inhalable insulin.

Physicians’ willingness to prescribe MannKind’s inhalable insulin gives company shares a rush.

Neighbor Cities May Also Pay for L.A. Wage Hike

POLITICS: West Hollywood, Santa Monica leaders mull impact of following suit.

City of L.A.’s wage hike plan may raise pressure on neighbors to do same.

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TrueCar Buckles Up for New Clash With Dealers

AUTOMOTIVE: Association’s latest effort called ‘last-ditch’ attempt to curb expansion.

Dealers’ suit looks to put the brakes on TrueCar, accusing the shopping site of brokering sales.

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Anchorman Still Making Local News After 37 Years

TV: Steve Edwards reports social media has fed shift in focus to entertaining stories.

Anchorman Steve Edwards still shows up for his desk job as he nears 40 years of covering L.A. news.

Former Film Exec Recasts Career to Establish Charity

NONPROFIT: Hollywood vet helps throw book at Kim Kardashian on philanthropy.

A Hollywood executive who gave up his million-dollar salary to move to Cambodia and establish a charity, clinic and school is telling his story in a new book.

Car Parts Maker Rediscovers Acquisition Drive

AUTOMOTIVE: Motorcar Parts buys OE Plus; deal for Fenco crashed, burned.

If you fail, try, try again.

Medical Center Likes Prognosis for L.A. Growth

EXPANSION: Eisner buys five Valley practices; sets up clinic at Lynwood location.

Eisner Pediatric and Family Medical Center has been busy bulking up and expanding its reach.

Amid ETF Boom, Managers Prepare for Selloffs

INVESTMENT: Firms stock up on credit in case ETF investors want out fast.

Exchange-traded funds just can’t stop reeling in assets and it’s not hard to see why.


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Online Media Firm Clicks With Hollywood Center

LEASE: Buzzfeed deal might be temporary as firm on lookout for larger space.

Buzzfeed, a New York media and entertainment company, has moved some of its employees into the Sunset Media Center in Hollywood as it expands its L.A. team.

Trickle Down

New ways to cut back on water use are drying up, writes Charles Crumpley, as homeowners make sacrifices.

Thanks for Your Information

Proposed laws to protect consumer data could wall off small firms from competing with tech giants.

Kellie Hartwell says proposed laws to safeguard user data will jeopardize her company.

Business Can Make Splash in Water Conservation

Business leaders can take the lead in employing conservation measures, writes Arthur F. Rothberg.

Facebook Orders Up Food Shows

Tastemade signs deal to whip up videos for new Anthology service.

Video maker Tastemade looks to fill up Facebook’s Anthology with food programming.

Angel Investor Hopes Venture Firm Takes Wing

INVESTMENT: Ex-Marine Paige Craig enlists others’ money for seed funding.

Angel investor Paige Craig looks to spread his wings with his new venture firm, Arena.

Investors Jump to Score Piece of E-Sports Firms

INTERNET: AlphaDraft offers fantasy league play; Mobcrush moves on mobile.

Watching other people play video games is becoming a huge business. Really.