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Future of Landmark Property on PCH a Mystery

ACQUISITION: Hayman pays $6 million for café owned by Thelma Todd.

A storied property along Pacific Coast Highway that has seen its share of monkey business is about to take on a new role.

Electric Shock

Charles Crumpley wonders why he’s still shocked by new costly proposals at the state level on regulating energy.

Shelf Life

Yummy.com has dodged problems that have taken down other online groceries in part by adhering to a slow-growth plan. So the Business Journal asks:

Do you order groceries online?

Value of Affordability

High-quality projects can overcome neighbors’ opposition to creation of more low-cost housing.

Wade Killefer warns Los Angeles will end up paying for its lack of low-cost housing.

Execs Say Cargo Situation Stacked Against Them

How has port congestion affected your business? How long are the delays?

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Business Deal Bounces Lakers Legend into Court

SPORTS: Auctioneer sues to settle score with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s post-Lakers life was on the rebound until he claims he was fouled by a jilted auction house.

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Hot Java Firm Cools on L.A.

COFFEE: Sweeteners draw Farmer Bros. out of California.

Out-of-state opportunities prompt Farmer Bros. to perk up and pull plug on L.A. HQ.

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Food Drive

Online grocery Yummy sweet on slow growth

Online grocery Yummy relies on a slow-growth plan to avoid biting off more than it can chew.

Marketers Cue Up Hit Catalog

MediaHorse sounds out TV, film deals for tunes by Kiss, others.

MediaHorse looks to saddle up films and TV shows with hit songs from Kiss, Marilyn Manson and others.

Event Firm Turns Outpost Into Big Show

Done + Dusted’s new L.A. office quickly scored award work.

Done + Dusted’s office scores string of victories with work on local awards shows.

More ‘Wars’ Than ‘Star’ at Event Bar

JJ Abrams spent the past year in a galaxy far, far away directing the new “Star Wars” film, and it appears he might no longer be recognized in his hometown of Los Angeles.

Regional Report

News and notes from communities across Los Angeles County

Zealot Networks, a Venice talent management firm, has acquired New York’s Converge Media Group, a comedy-focused talent management firm co-founded by comedian JB Smoove.

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Smooth Operator

BEAUTY: Nicci Levy looks to move needle on Botox injections with storefront clinic offering salon-style service.

Nicci Levy hopes lines form for her quick, salon-style approach to Botox and other facial treatments.

Mobile Container, Office Firm Makes Right Moves

LEASING: Surprisingly strong earnings report lifts stock of General Finance.

Investors go with mobile container and office business General Finance after strong quarter.

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New Chamber Chair Not Worked Up About Labor

Politics: William Caswell talks minimum-wage hikes, pace of business reform.

Kaiser Permanente’s William Caswell talks how he will nurse business goals as chairman of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

Fund Manager Puts Money on Fee-Free Product

INVESTMENT: Cambria hopes cutting management costs will draw customers.

Cambria hopes its new exchange-traded fund without a management fee pays off in new business.

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Making the Connection

technology: Local business leaders discuss Pasadena’s growing pull with sector’s startups and city’s advantages as steady alternative to Silicon Beach.

Business Journal speaks with industry boosters in Pasadena on drive to present the city as a startup alternative to Silicon Beach.

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12-Year Film Production Unlikely to Stick Around

MOVIES: But executive who financed ‘Boyhood’ ready to bankroll 12-year sequel.

Backers of Oscar contender “Boyhood” say its 12-year financial model is unlikely to play a regular role in Hollywood.

Chief Exec’s Departure, Death Revealed After Deal

lENDING: Manhattan also sold mortgage loan division in wake of pickup by Plaza.

At first glance, Irvine lender Plaza Bank’s agreement to buy El Segundo’s Bank of Manhattan last month seemed like just the latest deal between two small Southern California institutions, as many of them have been feeling the pressure from a more expensive regulatory environment.

Scientists Look to Weed Out Pot Luck for Users

MARIJUANA: Werc Shop works to snuff out instability to ensure strain consistency.

The hallmark of successful brands is consistency. Consumers keep coming back to Advil, for instance, because its effects are known and trusted.

News of the Week

Last week’s major news from labusinessjournal.com and other sources

everly Hills startup CurbStand, which offers on-demand valet parking services through its app, has acquired Santa Monica competitor Curby. CurbStand will integrate Curby’s technology into a future product release.


Upcoming calendar of local events


Upcoming local conventions

special report WHO’S WHO IN BANKING & FINANCE: L.A.’s Assets

Execs for out-of-town banks detail market’s advantages

Business Journal homes in on the local leaders of nine large banks with out-of-town headquarters.

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Who’s Who in Banking & Finance: Banking on Past Careers

Betty Rengifo Uribe’s customers range from startup entrepreneurs to corporate executives to second-generation family-business owners.