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Cleaning Up

LAUNDRY: Wash Multifamily expands coin-operated business into Pacific Northwest, Alaska through pair of acquisitions.

Coin-operated machine business Wash cleans up by expanding into the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Drug Developer Turns Page With Published Trial

BIOTECH: Findings for cancer treatment send shares of Kite soaring.

Investors are high on Kite Pharma after the results of its drug trial are published in a medical journal.

Design Firm Sees Gas Stations as Creative Fuel

architecture: Built teams with nightlife maven to renovate 76 property.

Design firm and nightlife impresario look to pump up gas station’s sales with nautical makeover.

Plane Maker to Wing Way to New City, Incentives

AVIATION: Icon chooses Vacaville to consolidate HQ, manufacturing facility.

Light sport aircraft maker Icon takes off for Vacaville and the city’s business incentives.

Juice Maker Pursues Rivals Fresh Off of Court Victory

BEVERAGES: Ex-lawyer for Roll Global says lawsuits business as usual.

U.S. Supreme Court ruling spurs POM to put squeeze on rivals with lawsuits.

Formerly Foodie-Focused Vet Adds More to Plate

LAUNCH: Bryanne Lawless founds firm Blnd to work with lifestyle brands.

Sticking with restaurant clients was great, but public relations executive Bryanne Lawless wanted to mix things up a bit more.

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Gov. Jerry Brown has signed off on a deal that would more than triple the funding for California’s film and TV tax-credit program.


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Museum Tenant May Leave Oil HQ High, Dry

LISTING: Oxy deal to sell to Hammer in 2021 likely to scare off investors.

Six months after announcing a move to Houston, oil company Occidental Petroleum Corp. has put its Westwood headquarters building on the market.

High on Mountain Conservation

Gordon Seabury would like to hike up efforts to protect the San Gabriel Mountains.

Net Gain?

Former Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer acquired the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion in what turned out to be a quick bidding process. So the Business Journal asks:

What do you think of Ballmer’s $2 billion purchase price for the Clippers?

Contrary to Popular Thought

Shifting away from 9-to-5 workdays could put Los Angeles on road to easing commuter congestion.

Ted Lux would like to see more businesses hit the brakes on a 9-to-5 workday and give Los Angeles a break on traffic.

Immigration Efforts Should Include Education

Linda Smith homes in on educational efforts as a means to create countries that residents won’t flee.

Who’s Who in Real Estate: Rising Tide

Local executives steer wave of Chinese money into L.A. properties.

Business Journal spotlights nine executives who are helping Chinese investors find a home for their money in L.A. properties.

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Mainland Buyers Shore Up Business

Eddy Chao has been advising Chinese real estate investors for more than 30 years.

Apparel Vet Finds Fit in Real Estate

Not long ago, Frank Yuan could be found operating a Las Vegas trade show for apparel manufacturers.

’92 Crisis Offered Opening in Market

While Chinese investment firms have flooded the L.A. real estate market in recent years, Kin Hui, chief executive of Singpoli Capital Corp., seized the opportunity more than two decades ago.

Architect Drawn To Business Side

After less than a year in Los Angeles, I-Fei Chang has already established a reputation for the incredible scale and speed of her work.

Who’s Who in Real Estate: Bill Nan Zhou, Feng Feng

When a delegation of real estate professionals from China came to the United States a little over a year ago to tour major gateway cities for investment opportunities, longtime Southern California business buddies Bill Nan Zhou and Feng Feng helped pave the way.

Who’s Who in Real Estate: Gregory J. Karns

Gregory J. Karns began practicing real estate law more than three decades ago, and for most of that time he has worked almost exclusively with investors and lenders from Asia, particularly China.

Who’s Who in Real Estate: Laurie Lustig-Bower

Laurie Lustig-Bower has spent 26 years working in real estate in Los Angeles, with a focus on multifamily properties and developable land with entitlements for condominium projects and apartment buildings.

Who’s Who in Real Estate: Richard Alter

Richard Alter has been sourcing real estate deals for Chinese investors for more than two decades, working closely with Asia Pacific Capital Co.’s Eddy Chao.

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Wasting Away?

Recycler says Industry trashing paper business.

Used-cardboard recycler 8 Net claims it’s being boxed out by the City of Industry.

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Online Shows Tapping TV Talent

internet: YouTube producer channels small-screen vets, sponsor.

Content & Co. looks to channel TV veterans and corporate sponsorship into a successful YouTube show.