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Email Marketing: J2 Global Inc., a Hollywood online media and Internet communication company, has acquired Contactology Inc., a Durham, N.C., provider of email marketing services.

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Betting on Risk

LENDING: Celtic Capital spins off from bank parent PacWest in order to maintain focus on high-risk asset-based loans.

Principals at newly spun-off Celtic Capital see the risky asset-based loan business as a safe bet.

Brand Licensor’s Shares Climb as Dividends Fall

APPAREL: Cherokee’s expansion plan proves good fit on Wall Street.

Brand licensor Cherokee’s expansion plan grows on investors despite a dip in dividends.

Financial Firms Fill Up on Hunger for Food Sector

INVESTMENT: Creo eyes IPO for bundled businesses while Trinity serves up deals.

Creo Capital and Trinity Capital look to feast on investor appetite for food businesses.

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CGI Now Rising Star in Ad Agency Campaigns

ADVERTISING: Process gaining in popularity with clients as price decreases.

Agencies increasingly like the look of CGI for ads as the price of the technology comes down.

Book Vendor Turns Page With Same-Day Delivery

RETAIL: Barnes & Noble stores hit road with Google in challenge to Amazon.

Barnes & Noble books same-day delivery service from Google has started in L.A. to take on Amazon.

Tourism in Las Vegas Has Ticket Dealer Sitting Pretty

ENTERTAINMENT: Tix’s shares also receive boost as legal troubles fade.

Spike in Las Vegas tourism has Wall Street betting on ticket company Tix Corp.

Grooming Business Brushes Up on Men of Color

BEAUTY: Inspiration for Hue for Every Man line came from celebrity barber.

Downtown L.A.’s Hue for Every Man last week launched a line of luxury grooming products specifically targeted to men of color.

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21st Century Fox has officially quit its pursuit of Time Warner Inc. 21st Century Fox chief Rupert Murdoch issued a statement declaring that Time Warner’s stock had risen too high for a purchase to be worthwhile for 21st Century Fox’s shareholders.


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Buyer Makes Triple Play for Office Properties

ACQUISITION: Rockefeller pays $210 million for three buildings in Beverly Hills.

A portfolio of three prominent Beverly Hills office buildings – UTA Plaza and its neighbor the Ice House – was sold late last month for $210 million, or about $910 a square foot, according to a real estate source with knowledge of the deal.

What, Me Divide?

Why split the state into six small ones, Charles Crumpley asks, when it’s so much fun as a big dysfunctional mess?

Payment Progress

CU Wallet is trying to crack the market for mobile payment systems with a digital wallet that can be incorporated into credit union mobile apps. So the Business Journal asks:

Do you use a ‘mobile wallet’?

Wrong R/x for California

Lawyers look to line pockets with Proposition 46, which would raise caps on medical injury damages.

Dr. Sion Roy warns that lifting caps on medical injury compensation will only benefit lawyers.

Los Angeles Moving in Right Direction on Public Transit

Graham Christie sees Los Angeles making inroads with public transportation services.

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Made in Shade

New state building code opens window to tinting

Changes to the state building code have brightened the prospects for window-film companies.

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Italian Eatery Hopes to Feast

DINING: Caffe Primo’s plans for expansion called aggressive.

Duo behind Caffe Primo will brave heat of launching a chain despite being burned by previous ventures.

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‘Wallet’ Pockets Credit Unions

INTERNET: App maker adds institutions to digital billfold.

CU Wallet is banking on a cut in card “swipe fees” to sign up credit unions for its mobile payment system.

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Money Managers Hit Tech Circuit

INVESTMENT: Many cultivate young CEOs before they’re rich.

Money managers look to get a jump on future millions by hooking up with tech entrepreneurs before they’ve raised any funds.

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Pest Control On Wing And Preyer

Isotech uses falcons, hawks to chase birds from client properties.

Isotech looks to feather its nest by offering falcons and hawks to chase off pesky birds at client properties.

‘Creative’ Space Debate Out in Open

Survey says popular floor plan not working for all businesses.

“Creative” office solution might be lacking as some question the value of open-floor plans.

High-Flying Bonds

Most people find a packed flight to be a disappointment, robbing them of the chance at being next to an empty seat. But Drew Zager sees a silver lining.

Regional Report

News and notes from communities across Los Angeles County

Beyond Meat, an El Segundo maker of synthetic meat products from plants material, has closed a Series D funding round.

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Building Friction

DEVELOPMENT: Some residents say Arts District’s character at risk from new apartment, loft projects.

Arts District residential projects receive less than neighborly welcome from locals.

Ad Auction Operator Bids for Investors’ Attention

ADVERTISING: Shares of Rubicon Project surge on strong second quarter.

Online ad network Rubicon Project crosses into “buy” territory on strength of quarterly revenue.