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Checking Back In

Hotelier Sam Nazarian loses partners in rough return

Sam Nazarian has no reservations about returning to his business and focusing SBE’s future on hotel branding and management.

Bank Will Give In Order to Get

LENDING: City National hopes concessions ease RBC merger.

City National spends time with community activist coalition to help ease union with a Canadian bank.

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Rocking Seats Look for Role

FILM: MediaMation sees most movement in overseas theaters.

MediaMation hopes to shake up cinemagoing but its moving seats are only rolling in one U.S. theater, in Oxnard.

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Acquisitions Forged Metals Business

MANUFACTURING: Departing CEO set Reliance’s pickup pace.

Analysts say departing CEO Dave Hannah showed steely resolve in Reliance’s unusually successful acquisition strategy.

Green Space Taken To New Height

Downtown building grows profile with 80-foot ‘living wall.’

Rising Realty Partners looks to elevate the status of its PacMutual Campus with a towering “living wall.”

Retail Website All Broken Up Over Content

Never Liked It Anyway lets exes sell items left over from relationship.

Never Liked It Anyway puts a price on romance by letting former boyfriends and girlfriends sell off exes’ stuff.

Plumber Aims To Seal Deals With Valves

Cesar Balbin plugs toilet flappers as way to cut water usage.

Reliance Home Services takes the plunger on giving away toilet flappers to win customers.

Educator Gets His Message Out

Words come easily to Jim Tetreau, who is something of a writer. But they didn’t come to him much at all one evening early this month when he greeted about 140 supporters and well-wishers at Strive in Watts, a private after-school program for inner-city youths.

Regional Report

News and notes from communities across Los Angeles County

Insurance brokerage Sullivan Group has renewed its 28,668-square-foot lease at the Pacific Financial Center office building in downtown Los Angeles at 800 W. Sixth St. Sullivan will continue to occupy the top two floors in a deal valued at $9.5 million. The firm has called the building home since 1987.

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Stepping In, Up

RETAIL: Warehouse Shoe Sale prepares expansion plan based on setting up in low-cost properties in working-class locations.

Warehouse Shoe Sale has stepped past malls to set up standalone shops in working-class neighborhoods.

Ex-Chief Exec Looks to Steer Retailer Into Sale

INTERNET: Mehran Nia says U.S. Auto Parts too small to be publicly held.

Co-founder and ex-CEO of U.S. Auto Parts looks to drive the online retailer into a sale.

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Medical Firms Providing Shot in Arm to Job Seekers

BIOTECH: Companies join colleges, schools to prepare students for positions.

Companies get to work on filling new positions by teaming with community colleges on training programs.

Clinical Trials Help Revive Drug Developer’s Stock

HEALTH CARE: CytRx’s shares bounce back some after poor quarterly report.

CytRx receives rough treatment from investors after the drug developer’s losses widen.

Area Advocate Discusses 25 Years in Downtown

NONPROFIT: Carol Schatz praises housing, restaurants; homelessness still concern.

Carol Schatz talks downtown L.A.’s revival during her 25 years at Central City Association.

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Below-Street Retail Space Leaves Developer in Hole

REAL ESTATE: Sign-ups for shops lag residential leases at Medallion project.

Medallion’s developer has had a tough time selling tenants on his below-street-level retail space.

State Credits Give Movies, TV Blockbuster Boost

PRODUCTION: Expanded program aims to keep more projects in California.

The local movie and TV production community is in a buoyant mood about increased filming opportunities in Los Angeles now that the new California Film & TV Tax Credit Program is passed and open for applications.

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Small Business Administration Makes Big Gains

LENDING: East West among banks seeing more demand for loans backed by agency.

Many small businesses still find it hard to get a traditional bank loan, as tightened regulations and higher capital requirements have made lending to those companies less profitable for banks.

HMO Sees ‘Lean’ Model as Good Fit for Business

OPERATION: Toyota’s take on efficiency provides road map for Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente is trying to cut fat, but not from its patients waistlines.

Rocket Maker Hopes to Make Splash at L.A. Port

AEROSPACE: Interorbital to use shipyard as staging area to launch satellites.

Container and cruise ships will soon not be the only things taking off from the Port of Los Angeles.


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City Attorney Has Better Case to Make

Charles Crumpley wonders why L.A’s city attorney has vaulted into a fight between a bank and its customers.

Dov Charney’s Fight to Finish?

CLOTHING: Legal, labor actions linked to ousted exec.

Some believe that ousted American Apparel founder Dov Charney backs legal and labor moves that could hurt the firm he longs to reclaim.

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Power Play

Stan Lee’s Pow looks overseas after end of Disney deal

Comic-book legend Stan Lee looks to take on overseas projects as the new “Avengers” film is set to conquer the world.

Lawyers Facing Test on Appeal

LAW: Quinn Emanuel judging associates on marketing efforts.

Quinn Emanuel may have established an industry precedent by requiring marketing projects from associates.

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Student Program Circles ‘Sharks’

Manhattan Beach chamber runs pitch competition for middle, high schoolers.

It’s sink-or-swim time for middle and high schoolers competing in a “Shark Tank”-style pitch competition.