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Lakers President Jeanie Buss Gets in Ring with Women’s Wrestling

A Look Ahead: What's on the agenda for Los Angeles business in the coming week

Jeanie Buss knows a thing or two about entertaining basketball fans downtown, but now the Los Angeles Lakers president is bringing a different sport to the area: professional wrestling.

Out of This World

International Space Station guest Dennis Tito is still high on the future of space travel

Finance exec Dennis Tito talks whether it was worth the $20 million to hitch a ride to the International Space Station.

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Laser Focus Feeds Facial Clinic’s Expansion Plan

BEAUTY: Skin Laundry sees low-cost service as opportunity to clean up.

Skin Laundry has fleshed out a business strategy with a focus on low-cost laser facials.

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Incentive Program Proves Costly in Bank Fraud

FINANCE: Fake accounts at Wells Fargo show risk of pushing performance.

Wells Fargo’s fraud fallout underlines how businesses may pay for incentive programs.

2016 Could Wrap With Healthy Holiday Season

RETAIL: Election results may throw chill on plans for spending, however.

Positive economic factors could add up to a strong holiday shopping season in Los Angeles.

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Real Deal Eludes Parent As Paper Pursues Digital

MEDIA: Shares of tronc still up from Gannett bids while Times presses into future.

Los Angeles Times embarks on digital future as acquisition bid for parent tronc has yet to click.

Los Angeles May Have Virtual Edge on Content

TECHNOLOGY: Demand from VR firms could yield studio production boost.

The virtual reality industry is in experimental mode and facing challenges, but that might be to the advantage of L.A.-based companies, according to Don Karl, partner and lawyer at Perkins Coie’s Century City office.

Showbiz Panel Casts China as Emerging Player

FILM: Execs, academics frame growing market as salve for U.S. stagnation.

It seems the word on everyone’s lips in Hollywood is “China” – and for good reason.

Connected-Car Company Picked up by Map Maker in Real-Time Drive

Abalta Technologies Inc., which makes a platform to hook up people’s cars to their phones, has a new owner after receiving an investment of an undisclosed sum from Japan’s biggest digital map maker, Zenrin Co.


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Hollywood Pickup Moves Into Record Territory

ACQUISITION: Multifamily sale price sets per-unit high mark for submarket.

New York Life Real Estate Investors picked up the Rubix Hollywood apartments this month for $109 million.

In a Golden State

Sure, taxes and regulations are a burden, but California remains a draw to entrepreneurs.

Keeping Energy Plan Grounded

Closing Aliso Canyon would only drive up already sky-high prices paid for natural gas in Los Angeles.

Closing the Aliso Canyon facility will only serve to drive up natural gas prices, warns Tracy Hernandez.

Measure Aims to Steer Path Through Congestion

James de la Loza sees Measure M easing traffic in Los Angeles.

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Shops Still Game to Trade on Departed Brand Name

RETAIL: Owner of Fred Segal wants moniker gone on Melrose.

Owner of Fred Segal name says Melrose shopping district property needs to drop the moniker.

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Fender Turns to Hollywood, Internet to Lift Sales

Fender turns to Hollywood, internet to lift sales

Guitar maker Fender looks to crank the volume on sales with a new outpost in Hollywood.

Signs of Battle On Billboards

ADVERTISING: Summit fears cutback cuts out smaller firms.

Summit Media sees a city of L.A. plan for more digital billboards as a bad sign for small firms.

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SPECIAL REPORT: Crowdfunding Slow on Draw

New crowdfunding rules have yet to stir big numbers of unaccredited investors.

Music Exec Folds In New Venture

Russell Simmons hopes to get people bent into shape with yoga studio Tantris.

Music giant Russell Simmons has thrown a twist into his business portfolio with yoga studio Tantris.

Studio Plunges Into Streaming

Lions Gate doubles down in space with pair of deals to launch platform, TV store.

Lions Gate dives into streaming with Univision and Vimeo projects.

Reason for Lawyer’s Rhymes

The legal profession is not typically viewed as fertile territory for poetic interrogatories.

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A Look Ahead: What’s on the agenda for Los Angeles business in the coming week

FINANCE: Congress mulls pulling plug on visas tied to foreigners’ investments.

A controversial federal program that rewards foreign investors with visas in exchange for investments in economically depressed areas is set to expire at the end of the month if Congress doesn’t intervene.

Auction House Sees Lots of Advantages in IPO

ART: Investment could lift Carlyle’s business but firm faces online sales risks.

Auctioneer Carlyle Galleries International is bidding on going public to boost its business prospects.

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Bankrupt Shipping Line in Fight Over Fuel Bill

TRADE: Federal marshals arrest Hanjin cargo ship as creditors pursue payment.

U.S. marshals placed hold on Hanjin ship over bankrupt company’s fuel bill.

News Site Dials Up Digital Content

MEDIA: TakePart.com sees bigger role to play under Jeff Skoll’s Participant.

Jeff Skoll’s TakePart plans more content to differentiate the activist news site from parent Participant.