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18-Year-Old Makes Splash With Bikinis

Courtney Allegra says youth can hamper her being taken seriously.

Teenager Courtney Allegra has already established a beachhead in the world of bikini design.

Special Tour Offers Dose of (Un)Reality

LA Insider’s package lets customers record trip as TV show star.

LA Insider Tours offers a fictionalized package that will cast customers as stars of a reality TV show.

Fear Arrives on Cue

It feels like Halloween every day for the L.A. composer of creepy Showtime TV horror series “Penny Dreadful.”

Regional Report

News and notes from communities across Los Angeles County

Cherokee Global Brands, a Sherman Oaks brand marketing firm, acquired Irvine’s Flip Flop Shops, a retail chain focused on sandals and other footwear.

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Packed Flight

LAW: O’Melveny & Myers looks to get new aviation group off ground with lawyers drawn from range of practices.

New group covering range of aviation industry issues takes wing at O’Melveny & Myers.

Pickup Raises Imaging Firm’s New York Profile

HEALTH CARE: RadNet’s shares fit for framing after $65.5 million acquisition.

Wall Street likes the look of imaging firm RadNet after acquisition boosts its New York presence.

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Playing Ball

Bronfman family’s Andrew Hauptman discusses lining up charity backing, new G.M. for struggling pro soccer squad.

Bronfman family’s Andrew Hauptman talks how school charity City Year makes the grade in Los Angeles.

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Surfer Aims to Shore Up Sand, Sun Clothing Sector

APPAREL: Laird Hamilton launches line despite other brands taking on water.

Laird Hamilton hopes to reverse the tide of the struggling surfwear sector with his new clothing line.

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‘Star Wars’ Sequel’s Hype Force to Be Reckoned With

FILM: Record online rush to buy opening-day tickets takes down websites.

Force majeure might now be “Star Wars” fans’ only hope in scoring opening-day tickets to the new sequel.

Class Action May Have Taken Down Home Sales

HOUSING: Brokers blame September dip on families bracing for start of school.

Some analysts chalk up last month’s dip in L.A.’s median home sale price to families gearing back up for school.

Pollution Firm’s Technology Cleared for Coasts

SHIPPING: Company’s devices control emissions of crafts docked at ports.

After 10 years of development and testing, Carson’s Advanced Cleanup Technologies Inc. got the green light from the California Air Resources Board to sell its emissions control technology to shipping lines for use on their ocean-faring ships.

Research Firm Catches Ride on Mission to Mars

AEROSPACE: Wyle to help NASA, astronauts prepare for demands of space trip.

While moviegoers are still abuzz about Matt Damon sci-fi flick “The Martian,” Wyle Laboratories Inc. is helping NASA figure out how to prepare astronauts for real-life flights to the Red Planet.

Doughnut Maker to Run Rings Around Downtown

FOOD: Dunkin’ franchisee hopes to have first of five shops open by Christmas.

Face it, there’s been a hole in downtown Los Angeles for a long while now.

State Lawmakers Laid Most ‘Job Killers’ to Rest

POLITICS: Only one out of 19 anti-business bills made it into law in past term.

Business interests capped a relatively successful year in Sacramento: All but one of the 19 bills the California Chamber of Commerce tagged as “job killers” failed to advance and several business-supported bills were signed into law.


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Investment Firms Team Up for El Segundo Office

ACQUISITION: Pair go over average square-foot rate by $10 in $33.5 million deal.

A fund formed by San Francisco real estate investment firm Roxborough Group and Santa Monica investment firm Montana Avenue Capital Partners has reeled in a big one.

Blame Game? Pretty Lame

The shameless art of blaming your predecessor has Charles Crumpley pointing fingers.

Position of Power

California’s economy not ready to cut ties with fossil fuels in favor of still intermittent technologies.

Ronald Stein writes that the California government shouldn’t do anything more to restrict the fossil fuels that help drive the state’s economy.

Program Shines Up Solar Energy

Rishi Kapadia praises the incentives that are heating up the solar power market.

Unsettling Time For Arbitration

LAW: Supreme Court may nix clauses, spurring class actions.

U.S. high court ruling could bind businesses hoping to use arbitration clauses to avoid costly class-action suits.

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Homes on Line In Sister Cities

REAL ESTATE: Beverly Hills balks on L.A.-approved condos.

A builder is finding it borderline impossible to construct a condo project straddling Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

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Dialed In

Phone data used to make microloans in Africa

Microlender InVenture believes reviewing its African customers’ phone data gives it a big advantage.

Greywater Valve Swims Upstream

CONSTRUCTION: Will costs sink inventor’s recycle device?

Inventor Garry Sato is plumbing interest in his valve that diverts a home’s greywater into reuse.

Pot Lights Fire Under Staffing Firm

Emerald Opportunities smokes out candidates for marijuana jobs.

Where there’s smoke, there’s hire for marijuana industry-focused staffing firm Emerald Opportunities.

Party Price Neither Trick Nor Treat

Halloween eventgoers must scare up $1,250 to $15,000 for tickets.

Karma International claims partygoers don’t say boo about its Halloween soirees’ high-price tickets.