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Ins and Outs of Meditation

Neal Baer has plenty of reasons to take a break and engage in some deep, balanced breathing.

A Way Out for California?

Charles Crumply digs the prospects the Monterey Shale oil formation could hold for California.

Lawyer in Luxury Driver’s Seat

Tim Lappen is living the car lover’s dream.

Punishing a Principled Stand

Charles Crumpley sees the LAX chamber headed in the right direction on moving the airport’s runway.

Making Play for Barbie’s Malibu Dream House

Josh Altman, a 33-year-old real estate broker to the stars and cast member of the Bravo reality TV series “Million Dollar Listing,” recently landed the ultimate celebrity client: Barbie.

Tax Opposition Crosses Aisle

Charles Crumpley wonders why DreamWorks Animation is a public company, and he congratulates a state tax panel – for angering Democrats and Republicans.

Tech Talk Plugs Into Political Arena

Startups Uncensored, Jason Nazar’s monthly coffee klatch, is normally a tech industry affair.

Two Thumbs Way Down

Movie industry critic Charles Crumpley would like to pull the red carpet out from under the Oscars.

Dress Rehearsal a Must for Costume Designer

Costume designer Luke Reichle has good, basic advice for his star clients as they get ready for awards shows: Lay out your outfit in advance. Preparation is the best way to avoid last-minute, red-carpet emergencies.

‘Shark’ Bite Tough to Swallow

COMMENT – Charles Crumpley is troubled that the producers of “Shark Tank” take a bite out of contestants.

You Can’t Keep a Good Car Down

Peter Mullin has had a lifelong enthusiasm for cars.

Sharpening the Cuts

California may feel the heat as other states cut taxes to lure businesses, Charles Crumpley writes.

Positive About Benefits of Positive Thinking

Public relations veteran Jackie Lapin went through a grueling stretch in 2006, working on intense publicity campaigns for clients including World Poker Tour, Mazda and Commerce Casino.

Leveling Off Multilevel Marketing

Charles Crumpley thinks it’s time that Herbalife Ltd. makes a healthy choice to abandon multilevel marketing.

Taking Different Road

Charles Crumpley believes building more roads should be driving the discussion over solutions to L.A. traffic.

Here for Not Only Beer

Aspiring brewery owner Dave Hodgins recently acquired some noteworthy fans.

Education Reconstruction

Gary Drake might not have a white beard or a sleigh, but he looks an awful lot like Santa Claus to one local school.

Breaking With Reality

Charles Crumpley is aghast that reality TV may not be so real

Different Strokes

As a veteran trial lawyer, Dan Stephenson has seen plenty of high-stakes competition in bet-the-company cases.

Emily Litella Had It Right

Charles Crumpley plans to pay no never mind to the steady stream of health scares.

Making Friends

It’s not every day that a local business person gets to spend an hour with the president and the vice president in the White House, but that’s exactly what happened to Arnulfo “Arnold” Ventura.

Strike One for the Ports?

COMMENT: The strike at the port complex may be over, but Charles Crumpley thinks the real problems are just starting.

The strike at the port complex may be over, but Charles Crumpley thinks the real problems are just starting.

Little Light in Los Angeles


L.A.’s lame Christmas decorations haven’t put much holiday cheer in Charles Crumpley

Sweating the Sweet Stuff

Dentists warn their patients not to eat too much Halloween candy. But this year, Dr. Vijay Patel of Claremont decided to put his money where his mouth is.

Looking for Disney Clues

They might not hand out Mickey Mouse ears at the front door, but there’s a touch of the Magic Kingdom in the Bel Air Bar & Grill.

Business Not as Usual

Charles Crumpley checks out the new way of doing business in Silicon Beach, and he finds it bracing but a little scary.

Getting Beyond Nowhere

Charles Crumpley revives a call for a citywide coalition to help L.A. reach its goals.

Diving Into Fear

Years ago, accountant Barbara Rosenbaum came up with a quote that she has lived by: “Facing fear leads to courage, strength and powerful choices.”

L.A.’s Got You Covered

Charles Crumpley isn’t too upset that the porn industry may be regulated out of town.

Networking by Numbers

An all-day forum this Friday in Santa Monica will bring together all kinds of business people – entrepreneurs, crowdfunding experts, investors – from 10 countries all over the world.

Weighty Contribution

Sonny Astani knew a run-down gym with little more than some rusted free weights was no place for National Football League hopefuls.

No-Bank Blues

The rapidly dwindling number of bank startups has Charles Crumpley feeling withdrawn.

How to Build Schools and Prisons

Charles Crumpley sees agreement: Public-private partnerships are good for both sides, and for Los Angeles, too.

Long-Distance Kosher

Nir Weinblut, one of the premier local kosher chefs, recently returned from a trip to Dubai, where he cooked meals for some of the region’s pre-eminent dignitaries.

Quit Whining About Gas Prices

Stop complaining about high gasoline prices, Charles Crumpley writes. Californians wanted it that way.

Debit Card Deduction

Prepaid debit cards have moved so far into the mainstream that Charles Crumpley wonders if the industry will move out of Los Angeles.

Capital Idea

When Mike Zhang was a teenager, he never made it to Washington, D.C., to visit the White House and the national monuments as many students do.

A Case Where Justice Was Blind

Whew, that was close.

Mustang Detour

When KJ Jones scooped up a 1991 Ford Mustang for just $1,000 earlier this year, he figured he was merely getting a daily commuter car to take him from the San Fernando Valley to El Segundo, where he works as a technical editor at a magazine for enthusiasts, 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords. But he got far more than that from his cheap ride.

A Moving Experience

Charles Crumpley is moved by a new report that says U-Hauls full of Californians are relocating to other states.

Done with Demand Letters

Charles Crumpley writes that business owners actually got something good from Sacramento last week.

Shoot First, Start Photo Business Later

By day, George T. Brandon is an executive with the downtown L.A. law firm Morris Polich & Purdy LLP. But at night, you might catch him among the throngs of photographers on the red carpet shooting Oprah Winfrey or Tom Cruise.

Stomp Out the Toms Shoes Model

Charles Crumpley would like to stamp out the business model started by Toms Shoes.

High Time to Rethink Privatizing

Lancaster’s inexpensive aerial surveillance plan has Charles Crumpley thinking lofty thoughts about how other cities can save money.

Real Estate Rock

Most people let loose on the weekends, but Peter Kay parties like a rock star.

No Reservations on Century Plaza

Charles Crumpley has high praise for the new plans to redevelop the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.

Long Way Down

Page 3

A few weeks ago, Fasha Mahjoor looked down from the top of an eight-story building and had quite a fright.

UCLA Hotel Reservations

Many businesses in Westwood have reservations about UCLA’s planned hotel, but Charles Crumpley thinks there’s a compromise.

From Property to Pageantry and Back

Page 3

For as long as Karen Baldwin can remember, the real estate business has played a supporting role in her life.

Major League Error for Dodgers?


Charles Crumpley is starting to wonder if the new Dodgers owners have a couple of strikes on them already