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We’ve Got to Keep Meeting Like This

Shannon Kelly, 28, and her husband, Sean, 30, like to get together Sunday evenings to compare their busy schedules of after-work events for the week.

Spaced Out in the Open


The trend to ever-smaller work spaces has Charles Crumpley feeling pinched.

Getting Back to His Roots

A quarter-century ago, David Henry began his real estate career while living in Dandora, a slum near Nairobi, Kenya.

Not-So-Close Shave

Call it a temporary return to his youth.

New Hat for Prague Pride

Stephan Roth usually is behind the scenes, reaching out to journalists as a principal at OutThink Partners in Beverly Hills, a PR firm specializing in the gay and lesbian market.

Mystery of the Pyramid


Charles Crumpley wants an answer: Is Herbalife a pyramid scheme or not?

Follow the Bouncing Ball

Last spring, Bao Ngo wanted to get a basketball competition going. Her company, Santa Monica online genealogy mapper Geni, had a team and they challenged the team at her former employer, ScoreBig Inc.

Supply Lowers Demand


The problem with Demand Media is that it treated content like a pawn, not a king, Charles Crumpley believes.

Helping Painter Get Hang of It

Mark Paolucci loves art enough to gut a portion of his office space to create a gallery.

Real Stores Still Real Nice

Charles Crumpley thinks online retailer JustFab’s new foray into regular retailing is just fabulous.

Getting the Hang of It

Mike Bryant is afraid of heights.

California Can No Longer Coast


Gov. Jerry Brown must be in a time warp, Charles Crumpley writes, because Brown still thinks California leads the entire nation.

Putting His Best Foot Forward

When Ben Katz was producing low-budget movies a few years ago, it meant a lot to him when people bought copies of his films.

Decades Under the Hood

The cars were the stars at a celebration last week to honor Bert Boeckmann’s 60 years in the automobile business.

Former Lawyer Raises Games

Typically one of the biggest challenges in writing a book is finding a publisher. But that was the easy part for Barry Sanders.

Potholes Sink to New Depths

Who needs mechanical bulls in Los Angeles, Charles Crumpley asks. We’ve enough potholes on our roads for plenty of thrill riding.

Bodyguard Staying Loyal to the End

The link between a bodyguard and a celebrity is a professional one, but sometimes a true friendship can blossom.

CEQA’s Union Shop of Horrors

Oh, sure, businesses are hurt by California’s environmental law commonly called CEQA. But so are workers, Charles Crumpley writes.

Pregnant Pause for Family Attorney

When attorney Rose Pondel, founder of Santa Monica’s Family Formation Law Center, was interviewed by ABC’s “Good Morning America” for a story about fertility after age 35, she thought she’d be cited as an expert source.

This Amazon May Flow Nowhere

Charles Crumpley thinks Amazon.com is amazing, but in the wrong way

To Russia, for Love

Arty Maharajh, 39, likes to travel off the beaten path.

Solar Costs Not So Hot


Charles Crumpley is charging in to the debate over rising residential electricity rates.

Relationship in Public Relations

Many couples work together, but not Glenn and Lisa Gritzner: They work at competing public affairs firms. Glenn Gritzner, 43, opened and heads the downtown L.A. office of Mercury Public Affairs, a Sacramento political strategy firm. Lisa Gritzner, 41, is president of Cerrell Associates, a public affairs and political strategy firm in Larchmont Village.

Things to Do in Denver When You’re on Radio

L.A. public radio host Jesse Thorn had been thinking for some time about what it would feel like to give away 1,000 ice-cream cones.

Bean There, Done That

Pam Mizuno was excited to be named one of Ernst & Young’s Earthwatch Ambassadors.

Lots and Lots of ‘Bad’ Bets

The final season of AMC’s cult TV series “Breaking Bad” returns later this month with many questions to be answered and fates revealed.

Back to Roots – the Long Way

Call it the ultimate road trip.

Giving It a Rest


A recent visit from media mogul Arianna Huffington to the Miracle Mile offices of media-buying agency Universal McCann has had the firm buzzing, about – of all things – getting more ZZZ’s.

Putting Some Silicon Beach Sand Into Volleyball

The yearly Silicon Beach Fest, highlighting the local tech community, might showcase L.A.’s business presence on the Internet, but a concurrent tradition shows off L.A. tech’s prowess at a different net.

Every Gracious Golfer Deserves a Drink

David Johnson, chief operating officer for Fireman’s Brew Inc. in Canoga Park, plays a game of golf the way he sips a cold beer: slow and steady, savoring the experience.

Information Superhighway Crash

Charles Crumpley writes that the ride-share app companies will have a rough road in Los Angeles.

No Longer a Rarity


Women will keep rising through the exec ranks; it’s just a matter of time, according to Charles Crumpley.

Taking Team-Building to Extreme

“Team-building exercises” used to mean holding hands and singing “Kumbaya.”

Let’s Do Lunch - Or Maybe Not

Let’s do lunch, Charles Crumpley says. Well, maybe not: the traffic’s too awful.

Bank Veep Calls Other Shots, Too

When customers of Boston Private Bank & Trust Co. in Pasadena meet with Chuck White, they’ll hear a familiar voice – if they’re UCLA or Clippers fans.

Grounded at Takeoff?


Startup airline Surf Air seemed so promising but now appears likely to be a dud, Charles Crumpley writes.

If You Say It, You’ve Got to Play It


Ben M. Davidson’s friends were surprised to see him quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover story last month about the collapse of global law firm Howrey.

Attorney, Heal Thyself


Don’t kill the state law called Micra: It has been a life saver for California’s medical industry, Charles Crumpley writes.

Rival Business Lobbyists? Oh, Brother!


L.A. personal injury attorney and liberal Democrat Brian Kabateck has long been at political odds with his younger brother John, a Republican who heads the California chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business.

They Made It Interesting

You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to achieve great wealth, Charles Crumpley writes. Just do the ordinary better.

More Than Just Meat Wagon

Jim Cascone didn’t realize becoming a partner at Huntington Meats & Sausages at the Farmers Market in L.A.’s Fairfax District a decade ago also meant inheriting a shiny new hobby: owning a collectible car.

Let’s Go Surfing Now — But Watch Out for the Stingray

When Eric Sikola’s company, ExpenseCloud, moved to its new Santa Monica office last year, he instituted the most Santa Monica-appropriate worker perk possible: surfing lessons.

Startup Goals Stay Private


L.A.’s tech companies are creating many things, but public stock probably won’t be among them, Charles Crumpley writes.

When Caruso Sings ...

Rick Caruso is many things. Developer. Billionaire. Philanthropist. But he’s no Enrico Caruso.

Disney Success Bit of a Marvel

Charles Crumpley thinks the bold decisions from the Mouse House stand as good examples for pipsqueak managers.

Taking Bigger Role in Casa

When a non-profit that advocates for foster children lost its government funding, the group found a friend in Frank Addante.

Building Side Career in Show Biz


Developer Andrew Meieran is plenty busy. He owns downtown L.A. nightclub the Edison and has undertaken the multiyear, multimillion-dollar redo of the nearby Clifton’s Cafeteria.

Too Many Dumbbells?


Charles Crumpley is pretty exercised about the city of Santa Monica’s proposal to make outdoor fitness classes pay big fees to the city.

Tease photo

Hollywood Surprise


It’s a mighty tall order to accept the height of Millennium Hollywood’s proposed towers, Charles Crumpley writes.

License to Lease


For those who don’t know commercial real estate, the license plate on Paul Sablock’s GMC Suburban doesn’t mean much. It reads 32FTCLR.

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