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Bus Operator Seeks U-Turn on Beverly Hills Ban

TOURISM: Starline vows to fight Rodeo Drive weight restrictions.

Starline says it will fight Beverly Hills’ restrictions on big buses that will drive away its business.

Shift on Storm-Water Policy May Soak Businesses

PERMITTING: State mulls ditching flat fee for basing cost on usage factors.

Thousands of local manufacturers, warehouses, recycling facilities and other businesses in Los Angeles County and throughout the state could face huge increases in storm-water runoff fees under a plan being considered by state water quality regulators.

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Early Dismissal?

OIL: Venoco stresses financial benefit of well to stake holders, district as it seeks to keep pumping at Beverly Hills High.

Venoco works to dig up support for its bid to renew the lease for the firm’s well at Beverly Hills High.

County Unemployment Falls to 6.1 Percent

L.A. County’s unemployment rate fell last month to 6.1 percent as the county added 38,000 jobs, state figures released Friday show.

Stocks Rise

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 91 points in Friday trading to close at 17,824. The S&P 500 rose 8 points to 2,089. The Nasdaq rose 31 points to 5,105. The LABJ Stock Index rose 2 points to 244.

Activists File Initiative to Block Development Citywide

Community activists in Hollywood filed an initiative on Wednesday to place a moratorium on major construction projects in Los Angeles and make it tougher for developers to get projects approved in the future.

Put to the Test

Charter school operator Alliance steps back from growth mode as union intensifies push to sign up nonprofit’s teachers.

Question on whether to enroll in a union has divided teachers at L.A.’s largest charter school operator.

L.A. Companies Receive State Tax Credits for Job Creation

Sixteen companies headquartered or with facilities in Los Angeles County have been awarded state tax credits for plans to expand and create jobs, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development announced Tuesday.

Election Day Delivers Mixed Bag for Businesses

POLITICS: Rejection of shopping center, hike in hotel tax among setbacks.

Local business interests scored some wins and suffered some setbacks in last week’s off-year elections throughout Los Angeles County.

High-Price Products Rev Up Auto Parts Dealer

AUTOMOTIVE: New focus at US Auto Parts credited for strong third quarter.

US Auto Parts’ focus on selling high-priced products drove the firm to its first profitable third quarter in six years.

Voters Reject Malibu Shopping Center, Pass Hotel Tax in Hermosa Beach

Voters rejected a Whole Foods-anchored shopping center project in Malibu on Tuesday, while voters in Hermosa Beach approved a hike in that city’s hotel bed tax.

Expo on Drones Gets Off Ground

Turnout at first year’s event spurred organizers to land at L.A. Convention Center.

Tesla Foundation Group’s drone expo wings way to Los Angeles Convention Center after packed first run.

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Cloudy Future For Solar Sales

ENERGY: Utilities’ proposals would cost installers, customers.

Utilities’ proposed changes to solar power incentives could leave installers and customers in the cold.

Street Vendors Sue Fashion District BID and LAPD Over Confiscation of Carts

Street vendor activists filed suit in federal court Thursday against the downtown Fashion District Business Improvement District and the Los Angeles Police Department over the confiscation of carts and other personal belongs of street vendors.

High Costs Home In on Landlords

REAL ESTATE: Seismic retrofits, rent-control caps boost burden.

Decisions on seismic retrofits and rent-controlled units have opened the door to higher costs for landlords.

State Lawmakers Laid Most ‘Job Killers’ to Rest

POLITICS: Only one out of 19 anti-business bills made it into law in past term.

Business interests capped a relatively successful year in Sacramento: All but one of the 19 bills the California Chamber of Commerce tagged as “job killers” failed to advance and several business-supported bills were signed into law.

Edison Reaches Insurance Settlement over Shuttered Nuclear Plant

Southern California Edison and the other owners of the shuttered San Onofre nuclear power plant have reached a $400 million claims settlement with a national power plant consortium that provided insurance for the power station.

Greywater Valve Swims Upstream

CONSTRUCTION: Will costs sink inventor’s recycle device?

Inventor Garry Sato is plumbing interest in his valve that diverts a home’s greywater into reuse.

Review Ruling a Drain on Aquifer Operator’s Stock

WATER: Cadiz shares dive after bureau rejects firm’s railroad right-of-way plan.

Aquifer owner Cadiz vows to fight ruling on needing an environmental review after stock plunges.

County Unemployment Rate Falls to 6.5 Percent as Payroll Employment Reaches Record

L.A. County’s unemployment rate fell last month to 6.5 percent as the county added 40,000 jobs to reach record payroll employment, state figures released Friday show.

Small-Business Veteran Sees Big Future for Latinos

NONPROFIT: Ex-SBA chief hopes fellow Republicans pass on Donald Trump.

Latino Coalition’s Hector Barreto discusses Hispanic businesses and Donald Trump’s comments about illegal immigrants.

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Salary-Equity Act May Equal Grief

Some business owners fear pay-equity act’s “substantially similar” wording will open the door to a different class of lawsuits.

California Ponders Cure For Toxic Chemical Suits

LAW: Kamala Harris floats restricting amount, purpose of payouts to attorneys.

For years, small businesses throughout California have been targeted in shakedown schemes from plaintiff attorneys threatening lawsuits over seemingly trivial violations of the state’s Proposition 65 toxic chemical notification law.

L.A. Quake Retrofit Ordinance Signed Into Law; Cost Burden Decision Deferred

The Los Angeles City Council on Friday passed an ordinance that will require landlords of thousands of apartment buildings to retrofit their buildings to better withstand earthquakes. Mayor Eric Garcetti signed the ordinance immediately afterward.

Cadiz Responds to Criticism as Stock Continues Plunge

In a bid to counter a deluge of criticism following news of a key adverse ruling this week, Los Angeles water marketer Cadiz Inc. issued a statement Friday morning attempting to get its side of the story out.

Stocks Up; Mattel Rises, Cadiz Sinks

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 304 points in Monday trading to close at 16,776. The S&P 500 rose 36 points to 1,987. The Nasdaq rose 73 points to 4,781. The LABJ Stock Index rose three points to 223.

Event With Pope Beyond Belief

PR vet David Herbst scored seat to see Francis speak to joint session of Congress.

PR exec David Herbst partook of Pope Francis’ mass appeal during the pontiff’s visit to Congress.

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Wages Raise Concern of Business

GOVERNMENT: Some groups move to head off hikes in cities.

Business groups in some L.A. cities are paying extra attention to heading off wage-hike issue.

Thursday Rundown: Long Beach Pipeline Company Acquires NorCal Pipeline from Chevron, Music Instructor Snags Nationwide Licensing Deal

Long Beach’s Crimson Pipeline has reached agreement to acquire Chevron Pipeline Co.’s 295-mile KLM Pipeline in Northern California, along with related assets, the companies announced Thursday.

Exxon Mobil Strikes Deal for Torrance Refinery

Exxon Mobil Corp. on Tuesday announced it has agreed to sell its damaged Torrance oil refinery, a pair of Vernon refinery product centers and other related California assets for a reported $537 million.

City of L.A. Committee to Work on Job Creation

GOVERNMENT: Business groups welcome new panel but see familiar hurdles.

Even though local business groups are still smarting from their failure to stop city of L.A. leaders from raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next few years, they are cheering a recent development: the creation of a City Council committee focused on job creation.

County Unemployment Rate Dips Below 7 Percent

L.A. County’s unemployment rate fell below 7 percent last month for the first time in more than seven years, according to state figures released Friday.

Refinery Blast Costs Californians $3 Billion ... So Far

GAS: Prices at pump stay up as ExxonMobil plant stays down.

ExxonMobil’s restricted refinery has only fueled local pain at the pumps from California’s towering prices.

Landlords Fear Zap From Energy-Efficiency Rules

REAL ESTATE: Groups say proposed plan opens door to steep building costs.

A bill that would mandate doubling the energy efficiency of all buildings in the state over the next 15 years might have been overshadowed by a more controversial provision to halve gasoline consumption that was stripped from the bill last week, but it’s ambitious nonetheless.

Survey: L.A. Employers Cautious About Fourth-Quarter Hiring

Local employers say they plan to slow down their hiring and will likely lay off more people in the fourth quarter than earlier in the year. And they are also more cautious about hiring plans than their counterparts nationwide, according to a survey to be released Tuesday by Manpower Inc.

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Glass Forges Newest Billionaire

MANUFACTURING: Donald Friese reaps $1.3 billion from deal.

Glass products maker cracks billionaire’s club with sale of his company, CR Laurence.

Hollywood Boulevard Joker Jailed

It’s no laughing matter: The Joker has been put out of business.

Ridesharing Vote Puts Taxi Drivers on Hot Seat

TRANSPORTATION: City of L.A. opens LAX to Uber, peers; OKs complaint line.

When the Los Angeles City Council gave the green light for Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing services to pick up passengers at Los Angeles International Airport last week, there was talk about streamlining regulations for taxicab drivers so they could compete on a more equal footing.

Mine Unearthed as Power Facility

ENERGY: Eagle Crest looks to tap site for use in wind, solar storage.

Eagle Crest digs the idea of using abandoned mine for power storage system.

L.A. Council Clears Way for Uber, Lyft at LAX

The day is nearly at hand when passengers arriving at LAX will be able to hail a ride with their smartphones.

Service Raises ‘Mannies’ Profile

Teacher Michael Lin’s new business aims for parents who want male nannies.

Michael Lin doesn’t hesitate to bring up “mannies” when it comes to helping raise people’s kids.

Housing Report Opens Door for Homebuilders

CONSTRUCTION: Rise in starts drives up shares of KB Home, Ryland Group.

Shares of homebuilders KB Home and Ryland Group climb as investors welcome rise in housing starts.

Subsidies Dry Up For Turf Remover

Grass is no longer green for lawn remover Turf Terminators as water agencies’ subsidies evaporate.

Santa Monica Solar Developer to Build Major Plant in Chile

SolarReserve, a Santa Monica developer of large-scale solar projects has received environmental approval for a 260 megawatt plant in Chile.

County Unemployment Rate Falls

L.A. County’s unemployment rate fell sharply in July to 7.1 percent from 7.5 percent in June, despite massive seasonal layoffs in education, state figures released Friday show.

L.A. OKs Tougher Penalties for Cig Sellers

Sell tobacco to a kid in Los Angeles and you’ll soon get a month-long time out.

Council Committee Upholds Airport Decision to Allow Uber, Lyft to Pick Up LAX Passengers

After a marathon packed hearing, a Los Angeles City Council committee late on Tuesday voted to uphold an airport commission decision to allow rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft to pick up passengers from Los Angeles International Airport.

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Clothing Maker Out of Fashion On Wall Street

MANUFACTURING: Shares of American Apparel slide with bad credit, sales news.

American Apparel shares tumble as mounting credit and sales woes point toward a bankruptcy filing.

ArchitectureEmployees Go Distance

HansonLA staff sizes up styles on walk from downtown to beach.

HansonLA has new staff walk from downtown to the beach to gain street smarts on L.A. styles.

After Grisly Death, Tuna Canner Agrees to Record Settlement

Bumble Bee Foods will pay a record $6 million to settle a criminal prosecution over the 2012 death of an employee who became trapped in an industrial oven at the company’s Santa Fe Springs facility, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office announced Wednesday.

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