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Angling for Movie Credits

Fraser Heston, chief executive of Agamemnon Films, has long enjoyed rock climbing, mountaineering, sailing, and scuba diving. But the more leisurely pursuit of fly fishing is his true love.

Fun While It Lasted

With its pending acquisition of DreamWorks Animation, Comcast is poised for a direct challenge to Disney.

Golden Opportunity Seized at Olympics

Alex Hodges, chief executive of Nederlander Concerts in Hollywood, lucked out on being the more decisive of four brothers – at least when it came to attending the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Strong Medicine

Los Angeles should be sowing and reaping more from the biotech field.

Taking Steps to Open Up

Though Meryl Pritchard might be traveling to Costa Rica this summer for a week filled with dancing, it’s won’t be some breezy Central American jaunt.

Goodbye to All That

City of L.A.’s homeless plan can’t be “comprehensive” until it’s put into action.

Reservist Let Go of Reservations

Often when National Guard servicemen and women are called upon to deploy overseas, their careers go on hold.

Rising Wage, Less Assistance

The race between California and New York to have the nation’s highest minimum wage.

Model Approach to Law

When Lorraine D’Alessio was recruited at 15 by Ford Models in Toronto, a career as an immigration attorney was one of the last things on her mind.

Behind Times on Newspapers

Jonathan Diamond says choosing a new owner for Freedom Communications’ papers should not have been determined by geography.

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