Los Angeles Business Journal

Co-Founders Go With Grains at Filipino Eatery

DINING: Ricebar co-owners serve fast-casual lunches to local business crowd.

When chef Charles Olalia came back to Los Angeles after getting married in his native Philippines, he decided to start cooking more dishes that reminded him of home.

Don't Take The Bait

Being outrageous no longer means violating a social pact, but beating a path. The best way to get noticed these days, and it seems nearly everyone wants to get noticed, is to say something outrageous.

They Should Keep That Bunny Away From Those 'Desperate Housewives' First

Politicians and military strategists searching for effective ways to wage their campaigns should look to a successful tactic employed in the domestic culture wars.

Univision to Buy Two Puerto Rican TV Stations for $190 Million

L.A.-based Spanish-language broadcasting giant Univision Communications Inc. exercises its option to purchase the two television stations in San Juan for about $190 million.

L.A. Crowne Plaza Hotels Sold in Package Deal

The Crowne Plaza Hotel Los Angeles Airport and the Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach, both on the list of 50 largest hotels in L.A. County, will be sold as part of a $331 million, 12-property deal.