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Entertainment Search Engine Finds Way to Series A

INTERNET: MediaHound adds social component to perusing online retailers.

Tech startups in Los Angeles are figuring out ways to help consumers navigate the increasingly fractured world of media consumption.

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Online Network Channels Retail

INTERNET: AwesomenessTV sold on value of pop-up shop.

INTERNET: YouTube network AwesomenessTV says it will have a lot in store for fans at its pop-up shop.

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Marketer Hopes to Make Points With E-Sports Fans

Video Games: Demand for live events directs new business to NCompass.

Video Games: NCompass International works to help live e-sport competitions score a higher profile.

New Ventures Look to Work Job-Hunting Market

Technology: Pair to use competition element: one for hirers, the other for seekers.

Two ventures with decidedly different takes on job hunting have debuted in Los Angeles, their approaches ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime.

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Chat Site Found Voice in Video

Internet: Streamup rebranded as broadcaster to draw audience.

Internet: Former chat site Streamup now speaks to more users as a video-broadcasting platform.

SoftBank Invests $250 Million in Legendary

Tokyo telecom giant SoftBank Corp. will invest $250 million in Burbank’s Legendary Entertainment in a deal that values the studio at roughly $3 billion, according to a report.

Soon-Shiong’s NantHealth Raises $250 Million From Kuwait Fund

NantHealth, the health care technology division of billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong’s Culver City holding company NantWorks LLC, said Wednesday it has raised $250 million in additional funding from the Kuwait Investment Authority.

Lawyer Joins L.A.’s Farm Team

His life might not exactly mirror “Green Acres,” but L.A. native Jerrold “Jerry” Bregman could feel as if he’s starring in a reprise of the old TV show.

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Satellites to Play Big Role for Studios

FILM: Digital coalition beaming over cost savings for distribution.

Local coalition projects satellite distribution as the cost-saving future for movie houses.

Pasadena Proves Popular As Center of Enterprise

SURVEY: Almost one-third of city’s tech companies self-identify as B2B.

Andy Wilson, co-chairman of Innovate Pasadena, has for a while had a hunch that his city was home to a number of tech companies focused on the enterprise market.

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